I was born in Barcelona some time ago, although I've spent most of my life in Mallorca, a wonderful island located in the center of the universe. When people ask me where I am from my answer always is "I was born in the Mediterranean".
My father is an enthusiast photographer and he used to have a dark room at home, so I lived the magic of photography since I was a child: film photography, mechanical cameras and printed copies are all familiar to me. I guess this is whay I am always seeking for an organic look in my pictures, even though nowadays I shoot 100% digital.
I love travelling in what I believe is the purest way, getting in deep in the local culture. When I visit a new country I always ask myself what it would be like to live there, and i try to answer this question in the only right way to do it: by doing what locals do.
I reckon this is why, precisely, that while travelling through Pakistan and India I discovered my love for photographing people, their homes and their environments in the most direct way possible, while looking for little moments, subtle glances and trying to capture the energy that surrounded me.
When I am not shooting a wedding or telling a story with my images you can find me in nature, with my wife and son, or up in the air, flying my paraglider, or maybe in a pub, playing soul music with my band.
Thanks for trusting me in capturing your memories.
​​​​​​​                                                                                                                 Óscar Lagarrotxa